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Please, note;

1. Although we always try our best, we often respond to your request-to-book about 5-12 hours later.

2.  Please call us in regards to bookings that request more than 3 people within a same hour.

3. Service duration will vary depending on the service requested. If you are not an already established returning client, please call us for a consultation before making a request to book.

4. Please select an appropriate service(s), when you make a request to book, to help us improving our service management. For example, providing your booking confirmation email with a nail extension selected will ONLY allow you to get your nails done. If you want to get pedicure and nails done on the same booking, you will need to select "Nails extension + Pedicure". If you are unsure/confused by the Manu, just give us a call we will be happy to assist you.

5. We always try our best to see you on time, of course, however we can never guarantee you will be seen at exactly minutes of your appointment. So please be patient with us!  

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


Our Services

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